Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something to be proud of from the biggest party school in the nation

Being in my senior year, I'm figuring out classes, graduation, where my life is going, all that jazz. I just signed onto ASU's website and the title of the first article shown was: "Scientists Help Aid Early Detection of Breast Cancer". ASU is one of the highest funded research institutes in the U.S. and it's team of researchers, professional and student alike, are striving to make leaps and bounds in scientific advancement. The first part of this article provides a basic overview of the actual process that was followed to achieve results. The latter part of the article provides a summary of results and conclusions. Very interesting! We've begun identifying the immune responses to early formation of cancerous cells :-). Early detection saves lives!

Reading this article lead me to find a link about yet another study that was done here at ASU. This study lead to the identification of more than 30 target genes in the development of breast cancer. These genes range from factors making an individual more susceptible to cancer itself to genes that lead to increased gene resistance that can cause complications with or non-responsive chemotherapy treatment.

These articles fairly easy reads, and I find them very interesting. Happy learning!