Thursday, September 10, 2009

I will again be taking the journey!

Greetings to everyone!

I'm so very sorry that i haven't been keeping up of late. As I'm sure everyone knows college is a very busy time, and being the nutcase that I am...I've once again taken on the absolute max of what I can handle! However! I will once again pick up my blogging! I'm currently reviewing and analyzing an experiment that had been published in a medical journal a short time back. This article pertains to mutations in the BCRa1 and BCRa2. So look for that to come very shortly!

For a little bit of an update! I unfortunately didn't get the chance to complete the 3 day this season, school has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. :-P But it is in my plans already to complete the 3 day in 2010 in the lovely hot desert of Phoenix, Arizona! I'll begin my training and fund raising shortly after this years season ends. If you have any unique fun ideas for fundraising, would like to help in any way, or would like extra information on joining a team near you, starting a team, or possibly joining the journey with me, just let me know! I'll continue to post on training, fundraising, and progress throughout the next year, and will absolutely love having yall come along for the journey, even if it's vicariously through this simple blog! I'll also continue posting links and summaries of articles, and anything else I find relative interesting!

If there's anything at all you'd like me to find out, look up, ask someone about, anything...please ask! If there's something you know that you'd like to share, please do! I can promise that you are highly likely to know something that I've never learned...and I love learning!

Prayers for everyone, you're always in my thoughts, even when I'm slacking on the blogging!

Remember to smile today...not only will it make you feel better but it might just make a world of difference for someone you come across.


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Amy is a survivor! said...

I'm always proud of you sweetie! There are other genes involved in cancer as well, the BRCas are just the biggest identified groups.
My oncologist told me that the ER negative cancers, the ones not estrogen dependent, respond much better to chemo....I am curious as to why.