Friday, November 9, 2012

Amy's Song

My Aunt Amy is one of the strongest women I know and has been a prominent influence on my life growing up. She has taught me so many lessons I will carry with me till the end. Amy battled IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) for about 5 years before finally receiving a clear scan. Together our family rejoiced, from thousands of miles away I cried tears of joy and relief that Amy was going to be able to stay with my family longer.

1 Week ago I found out that her cancer was back, and over the past several days I have received more discouraging information about her condition. I have prayed non stop since the day I heard that her scan was not clear. I have cried till hyperventilating and woken up at 4 am shaking. I discovered something over this short time that is a complete reflection of her in myself. I take comfort in making music. I wrote this short song in her honor:

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