Monday, November 17, 2008

3 Days if Miracles

I finished up day three of the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day yesterday afternoon around 1:00 pm. This walk is one of the most amazing experiences that one could ever take part in and I will forever feel blessed to have gotten the chance to. Over 3 Days you follow a route that winds and weaves through cities and towns for a distance of 60 miles, about 20 miles each day. When you cross the finish line the emotions are overwhelming, you're tired, excited, sad, over joyed, yet the biggest feeling that wells up inside of you is unity. Knowing that you strive to complete your journey along with 2000 others, all of who are working towards the same goal, a world without breast cancer.

These past three days were not just a journey which I made friends but a journey which I saw more miracles than any one person should ever deserve to witness, over 2000 miracles. Each and every single walker, crew member, volunteer...each and everyone represented a miracle. I saw women who had lived through not one, not two, but three and even four separate diagnoses of cancer, all beginning with breast cancer, some which all cases were breast cancer, others in which the breast cancer had metastasized to other locations. I saw men walking for their soul mate who, unfortunately could not walk herself because she had passed on earlier that year. I saw best friends, one of whom was pushing the other in a wheel chair along the entire 60 miles. I saw friendships made, barriers broken down. I saw a community support like I've never seen before; from classes at schools lining up in a row of high fives along the side walks, to an old couple sitting in their front yard with water and candy for every person who passes; from families lined up at cheering stations, to supporters who followed the route in their cars stopping as often as possible to cheer us on. Every person who took part in this event was a miracle.

These three days have completely changed my life, as it has, no doubt, changed everyone who was fortunate to take part in it. I have made the goal of Susan G. Komen for the Cure my goal, I have taken on the promise which was made the day the foundation was started, to do all in my power to eradicate breast cancer, so that one day the words "breast cancer" will be considered historical.

I was a proud walker, I am a proud supporter, but every time I think about the 2000 others I walked with on November 15, 16, and 17, 2008 I am humbled by the strength, courage, passion, struggles, remembrance, and victories represented by each individual. I began just walking for my aunt, someone very close and dear to my heart, but I came out not only walking for her but for every person ever touched by this horrible disease, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my dad, my sisters, my best friend, and as the flag which I was so fortunate to get to carry into closing ceremonies said, I walked for generations.


BetsyR said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

Amy is a survivor! said...

Thank you sweetie!