Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And So the Journey Begins

My past weeks experiences have produced a brand new interest to pursue in my spare time, I'm starting my own research process. I'm starting from the very beginning, from the primary question of : "What is a cancer cell and how does it work?" and hopefully after I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the basic understanding of a single cell I will work my way along the research ladder to questions such as: "What effects the development of Breast Cancer?" "What kind of medications are already approved, and what medications are still in the testing phase?" "What exactly do these medications do, chemically and physically, that attacks the cancer cells?" "How exactly does chemotherapy and radiation work, what chemicals are used, and is there any possible way to simulate the conditions within the body using other materials/drugs that would mirror the effects on cancer cells?"

So I began my research...well, I tried to begin my research, unfortunately since it's already past 8 pm my resources have been narrowed to this computer in an ASU computer lab. Anyone who knows me knows that I AM NOT a computer person. I'm the type of person who likes to have my reading materials physically in front of me, highlighter and pencil in hand, ready to make note of anything I find useful or interesting. Undoubtedly I have found several very good resources, peer reviewed and from professionals with years of experience. But even though the quality of the information is superb, I can't seem to retain anything by just trolling my eyes along the LCD screens of text. So I've decided that my research process will begin in the library where I can pull as many books off the shelf as I please, lay them out in front of me, and dive into the richness of written words.

So for now I shall leave you with some of my favorite quote and sayings I heard/saw this weekend:

"Forget the whales, save the boobs"

"Save Second Base"

"I'm here for the boobs" (worn by a supporter who made it to several of our cheering stations)

"Save the ta ta's"

"You don't have to have a lump to have breast cancer" (referring to IBC aka Inflammatory Breast Cancer)

"Got Mammogram?"

"Caution: Many Walkers"

Goodnight everyone. May God bless you and keep you through another wonderful night we are so fortunate to have been given.



AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

I am so proud of you...
Thank you for walking this weekend. It meant so much to Amy, me and the rest of our family. Your contribution, even if it were only the walk, is a huge one in the fight against breast cancer!

Amy is a survivor! said...

Good for you and good for us! There's a lot of bogus info. out there, so starting with the peer reviewed stuff is good. Also ask at the university hospital or I can ask at my oncologist's office...sometimes there are books available there too. I am so very proud of you!

BetsyR said...

Ditto AZ Mom and Amy"s comments. So proud of you and what you have already accomplished. Many have become more aware because of your walk (and your mom's walk a couple of years ago .) You dedicated a lot of time and energy preparing. This was no little thing. You are already part of the cure. Keep "Blogging for Boobies".

Amy is a survivor! said...

Ask me about CURE magazine. That has some really cool up to date stuff on the research and cure front...both traditional and non-traditional. :0)

Nicole said...

I'm inspired by your commitment! You are a blessing to your families and all the mothers, sisters, daughters who have been touched by breast cancer. Bravo!

Tammy W said...

You are an inspiration! I found you through AZ Mom of many hats. I am a 41 yo 2 1/2 year survivor of breast cancer! (While I was pregnant)

I've always wanted to do a walk but with all six kidlets it's kinda rough! I willone day! Definitely!

God Bless you! Thanks for what you do and have done to spread awareness!!

You can read my story if you'd like at